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Im so grateful for being introduced to neo-medrol, i hope readers dont just see this as an advert alone, but also someone who has been through feeling neglected because i didnt think i was pretty enough and had not confidence at all, but this is also to tell all you above 20 year old male and female who wants tp hold their head high that there is a cure for acne and sensitive skin, its neo-medrol.

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Supradozare Nu exista sindrom clinic de supradozare acuta cu Medrol tableteDoze frecvent repetatezilnic sau de cateva ori pe saptamanape o perioada prelungita pot determina stari cushingoide sau alte complicatii ale tratamentului cronic cu steroizi.

Frequency not reportedAcneallergic dermatitiscutaneous and subcutaneous atrophydry scaly skinecchymosispetechiaeerythemahyperpigmentationhypopigmentationimpaired wound healingincreased sweatingrashsterile abscessstriaesuppressed reactions to skin teststhin fragile skinthinning scalp hairurticariahypertrichosisangioedemaskin atrophyhyperhidrosispruritusRef]

The most commonly occurring side effects have included fluid retentionalteration in glucose toleranceincreased blood pressurebehavioral and mood changesincreased appetiteand weight gainthe incidence generally correlates with dosagetiming of administrationand duration of treatmentRef]

Frequency not reportedDepressionemotional instabilityeuphoriainsomniamood swingspersonality changespsychic disordersconfusional statesanxietyabnormal behaviorirritabilityRef]

An anti-inflammatory steroid used to treat certain allergiesskin conditionsand types of arthritis.

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